Eastern Nutrition Pre-Conference


May 9, 2012

Halchemix is proud to sponsor the 2012 Eastern Nutrition Pre-Conference Symposium.

The symposium speakers are:

Starter Pig Amino Acid Requirements in Relation to Gut Health
Dr. Mike Tokach, Kansas State University

The Role of Feed Enzymes in Promoting Gut Health in Swine and Poultry
Dr. Elijah Kiarie, Danisco Animal Nutrition

Refining the relationship between Somatic Cell Count and Milk
Dr. David Kelton, University of Guelph and Dr. Karen Hand, Strategic Solutions Group

Immune System Modulation as a means to Minimize Mastitis in Dairy
Dr. Neil Forsberg, OmniGen Research, LLC.

Probiotics - Strategic Application in Livestock
Dr. Ellen Davis, Danisco Animal Nutrition

For more information, a copy of the full Pre-Conference and Conference agenda can be downloaded here.