Research Proven Nutrition

Halchemix is focused on well researched feed additives, including amino acids, phytase, enzymes, and water acidifiers.

Halchemix was founded in 1986 when John Hall and Theo Kissler came to terms with Ajinomoto to represent their lysine business in Canada. This relationship between Halchemix and Ajinomoto Heartland has continued to present day with the addition of several other amino acids. About a year later, Halchemix reached agreement to represent Finnfeeds and their enzymes for the animal feed business. This latter relationship has survived also to the present day representation of Danisco Animal Nutrition.

The original founders have now retired: John Hall in 2000 and Theo Kissler in 2009. Management of Halchemix now resides with Lyndon Hiebert and Marvin Stevenson.

Recognizing the credibility and continuing research support, both suppliers are committed and Halchemix has applied a strong filter to line extension, deliberately choosing to maintain the focus on research supported products with proven nutritional benefits for the animal feed industry in Canada.

Lyndon Hiebert
Marvin Stevenson
Jeff Braun
Jean-Paul Brenn
Sharon Robinson
Jason Cruickshank
Ilona Parenteau
Teri Phillips